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Institutional Penzsaur


PENZSAUR, a national reference in the commercialization of forest equipment, started its operations in the year 2000, from a joint venture between the Brazilian company SAUR Equipamentos S.A. and the Austrian PENZ Crane, globally renowned for the quality of its products.

Aiming at forest sustainability and the equipment operational efficiency, the company develops solutions with cutting-edge technologies and performs manufacturing in compliance with ISO 9001 standards, resulting in long-lasting equipment, with a better performance, a greater scope and more productivity. Today, PENZSAUR markets Forest Cranes for tractors, trucks and forwarders, Stationary cranes for loading/unloading yards and Mountain Yarders for transportation of logs in areas of difficult access.

In order to meet its customers' demands, it entered into partnerships with European companies, and it is the exclusive representative in Brazil of the brands AHWI, with equipment for the cleaning of forest areas and the preparation of agriculturable areas; Koller, with mountain yarders; Maxwald, with forest winches; and Neuson Ecotec, with harvesters.