Description and Application

The SAUR Double Pallet Handler are pieces of equipment that increase productivity, optimize operations multiply results and are synonymous with savings in the initial investment, in maintenance, labor and fuel, all because they carry up to two pallet side by side. The Handler allows 2 pallets to be moved to improve operator visibility, lean one pallet against another for better use of space and approximate the outside forks with the inside forks to carry a single pallet. 


  • For 1 or 2 pallets
  • With bolted and interchangeable forks
  • With or without side shift
  • Capacity: 1,600 to 6,000 Kg
  • Opening between Forks (outside): up to 2,150 mm
  • Opening between Forks (inside): up to 650 mm
  • Can optionally be supplied with Load Stabilizer - for unstable loads 


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