Institutional Policy

Logistics solutions in cargo and material movement.

To develop, produce and commercialize logistics solutions for moving cargos and materials, ensuring full satisfaction for clients, shareholders and employees, with sustainable development.

To maintain leadership of the Brazilian market and to be a benchmark in logistics solutions for cargo and material movement in Latin America.

• Client - our main focus.
• Technology and Quality - our benchmark.
• Image - the result of who we are and what we do.
• Innovation and Profit - guarantee survival and growth.
• Vision and Strategic Management - control and support of our actions.
• Ethics and Responsibility - commitment to everyone.
• Social and Environmental Conscientiousness - appreciation of people and life.

Strategic Guidelines
• To develop and solid and innovative organization, with quality products ad services.
• Organization focused on the market that maintains permanent interaction with its clients.
• Make the SAUR brand a reference in movement equipment.
• To use the creative intelligence and innovation of our employees as the base for sustaining and growing our company, product and processes.

Quality Policy
Provide logistic solutions, aiming to meet the applicable regulations and legal requirements, as well as to fulfill our customers' expectations, through the continuous improvement of our products, processes and services.