To ensure a standard of excellence in technologies, engineering and innovation, SAUR has international partnerships with companies renowned globally, offering their customers efficient solutions for the segment.

For over 30 years, SAUR has produced and commercialized its equipments for forklifts, such as Hydraulic Clamps and Fork Positioners, with exclusive transfer of technology from the German company KAUP, leader in Europe in this segment. This agreement allows the national market to have access to European technology and quality.

Handling Equipment for Forklifts

The renowned Austrian company Künz is a partner of SAUR in Brazil, for the commercialization of Raking Machines for Hydroelectric Plants of large, medium and small size. The technology of this equipment enables the removal of debris accumulated in the front part of grids, providing more efficiency, an increase in energy production capacity and a reduction of waste in hydroelectric plants.

Trash rake cleaning machine

SAUR commercializes in Brazil, with exclusivity, the Autohook, of the Spanish company Elebia. This hook presents, among other benefits, gains in productivity and safety, apart from being versatile for applications in overhead cranes, cranes, mounting of towers and metalic structures, load hoisting, among others.

Elebia Autohooks

A European leader in equipment for Civil Construction, PROBST is a benchmark company in solutions to handle concrete products. It has two factories in Germany, one in the United Kingdom and, in Brazil, it is represented by SAUR. It offers countless solutions for paving, levelling, transportation and placement of concrete blocks that stand out for their ergonomy and productivity, through process mechanization in construction sites and internal handling operations.

Equipment for Civil Construction

Currently, the German company VETTER is one of the worldwide leaders in the manufacturing of forks and components for forklifts, construction and agricultural machinery. In Brasil, VETTER and SAUR are together, offering the quality and diversity of fork models and sizes in order to meet the varied market demands.


ROZZI produces hydraulic and electro-hydraulic equipment to handle industrial materials, such as clamps for scrap blocks and paper residues, Clampshells, soil drilling machines, rotators, equipment for the construction, agriculture, metallurgical industry and for the railway sector. This equipment is commercialized in Brazil through SAUR.

Garra Sucateira

Nexo Intersoft INS.
SAUR representa en Brasil, con exclusividad, a Intersoft Nexo A/S (INS). Empresa con muchos años de experiencia en el desarrollo y la producción de instrumentos electrónicos de medición, principalmente para aplicaciones industriales. Su principal producto es el - INS TC2000 - sistema de pesaje móvil, que brinda precisión y robustez.

Mobile Weighing System

QTEK is a Canadian company, represented in Brazil by SAUR. Among the equipment supplied by this company, which enable prompt and safe operations, we find the Bomber, a device to pick separate layers, designed to remove or add layers of products on a pallet; the DStacker GS, which is a pallet storage and distribution system; and the PalletX, a pneumatic pallet exchange device.

The Bomber and Dstacker

The German company MOTEC, founded in 1992, is one of the main solution providers in high-quality cameras and displays, which contribute to ergonomics and safety, since they allow a clearer view of the operator while transporting voluminous loads. This technology is commercialized in Brazil through SAUR.

Camera and monitor Kit

For over 8 years, PENZSAUR and the Austrian company KOLLER have been consolidating a partnership for the production and commercialization in Brazil, with exclusivity, of overhead cables, an equipment developed for transportation of logs in sloping areas. The brand Koller has been operating in the European market for over 30 years.

Cabos Aéreos

With a growing forest market and the need for robust, high-efficiency equipment, with great mechanical availability, but with low soil compaction rate, PENZSAUR has established a partnership with AHWI Maschinembau GmbH, a renowned company all over Europe that produces stump cutters and wood waste grinders. With international renown, AHWI and PENZSAUR bring to Brazil one of the most cutting-edge technologies in soil preparation.

Rebaixadores e Triturados de resíduos florestais

Maxwald is an Austrian company, represented in Brazil by PENZSAUR. This company offers customized solutions to cater to customers' needs and the geological and sedimentary characteristics of the exploited area. One of the major distinctive features of this company is the development of mini-tower overhead cables, known for their high added value, durability and technology, guaranteeing comfort and safety to users, apart from manufacturing Dragging Winches and Mini Skidders for log transportation.

Guinchos de Arraste e Mini Skidder

The renowned Austrian company NEUSON ECOTEC is a partner of PENZSAUR in Brazil for the production of Harvesters. Ideal for application in forests with sloping areas, where conventional equipment would not normally operate. NEUSON also develops large-sized machinery for urban waste recycling plants, thus avoiding landfills, since they grind all organic waste, transforming it into compounds for fertilization.


Baltrotors designs and builds outstanding quality, premium performance hydraulic rotators and rotator accessories for forestry, construction, demolition, cargo and metal handling industries.