17.08.2020 | Institucional


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Dear clientes and suppliers,

We ask everyone to pay attention to bank slip fraud and bank deposit fraud practices that have been increasingly common in the market. Be on the alert with respect to the receiving of e-mails informing changes and cancellations of bank slips/data that have already been sent, or e-mails informing you of the issuance of a new bank slip or new bank account, as it is a matter of a possible FRAUD!

We emphasize that SAUR EQUIPAMENTOS S.A., SAUR RENTAL and PENZSAUR LTDA, work with two payment methods: for customers, we provide the options of bank deposit and bank slips; for suppliers, we only provide the bank deposit option.

Under no circumstances, after negotiating the payment method, do we send new bank slips by e-mail or request the exchange of bank information.

All payment documents and bank information are sent by our team in charge of the negotiation.

If you have any doubts, talk to your commercial or purchasing contact before taking any action.


We are at your disposal,