Description and Application

In partnership with Austrian company Maxwald, Penzsaur is responsible for commercialising the Maxwald Forest Winches in Brazil. These winches are for use in the dragging of wood through use of a steel cable, quickly and also respecting all security requirements as necessary for safe operation. Maxwald winches come in several models and variations, but as a rule they share the same technical and operational characteristics.


    • Coupling in the third point of the tractor.
    - Its coupling is very quick and easy, through the third point of the tractor, and thus it is not necessary to dedicate one tractor exclusively to this operation.
    • Own clutch
    - This equipment has its own clutch system, which means there is no wear to the tractor's clutch as a result of the operation. In addition, no damage is caused to the winch in case of overload.
    • Protection Screen
    - This protection screen protects the tractor and also the operator against damage as may be caused by the accidental rupture of the steel cable.
    • Disc Brakes
    - The system of disc brakes makes it much quicker, safer and more efficient to stop the cable.
    • Lower blade
    - Ensures greater stability to the winch, and can also be used to pull along wood or other materials.
    • Activation by Radiofreqüência (optional)
    - The winches of electrohydraulic models have, as an optional feature, the activation by radiofrequency, which significantly helps the operation of the winch.


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