Description and Application

The Telescopic Trash Rack Cleaner for Hydropower Plants aims to remove debris of organic and urban waste that may clog the trash rack of the water ducts of the power generation turbines. By using the Trash Rack Cleaner SAUR, this cleaning can be scheduled and does not require the total or partial stop of power generation, increasing, this way, the efficiency of the hydropower plant and contributing to the cleaning and preservation of rivers and dams. It also reduces the manual cleanings that demand specific personnel for this function. Therefore, the efficiency of the power plant is increased, adding to the cleaning and preservation of rivers and dams.


  • It features a rake to remove debris from the river, canal or dam.
  • The belt conveyor that drives the debris to a preset point is an optional item.
  • Projects made to meet the needs of the client and dimensions and features of the site.


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