Residual Calculator

Find the best combination of equipment and forklift for each application


To calculate the residual capacity of the set (Forklift + Equipment), simply follow the instructions below.

Automatic Calculation

1. Choose the brand of Forklift and the respective model.

2. Then select the desired Equipment and model.

3. Click on "CALCULATE".

Manual Calculator

1. Choose the brand of Forklift and the respective model.

2. Then select the desired Equipment and model. If the equipment is not registered, in the same field, select "Manual Definitions" to show if the desired Equipment uses the original forks of the forklift or not.

3. Complete the highlighted fields with the correct information.

4. Enter the new CGC of the load.

5. Clique em "CALCULAR".


The "CRE" (Residual Capacity of the Set) corresponds to the payload supported by the "SAUR Forklift+ Equipment" set.

Attention: This application was developed with the purpose of aiding the residual alculation of forklifts with the SAUR Equipment application. This provides a referential predefinition of the machine and Equipment for each application.

Values calculated do not include special loading and operation factors, such as floor declivity, acceleration or deceleration of the machine, speed of elevation and lowering of the load, as well as load inclination. Keep in mind that the values obtain are for ideal, static conditions, with a standard two stage tower in the vertical position and no safety coefficients.

Prior to acquiring your Forklift or Equipment, consult your SAUR distributor or Customer Services Agent. SAUR Equipamentos S.A. does not assume liability for the inappropriate use of the application or the unsuitability of products due to definitions resulting from it.

AThe specifications in this application are the property of SAUR Equipamentos S.A and are subject to change without prior warning.


Cálculo Residual

01 - Seleção do Conjunto

Marca da Empilhadeira Modelo da Empilhadeira
#Marca da Empilhadeira# #Modelo da Empilhadeira#
Equipamento Saur Modelo Equipamento Saur
#Equipamento Saur# #Modelo Equipamento Saur#

02 - Cálculo

03 - Dados da Empilhadeira

Capacidade (kg) CCE (mm) EG1 (mm) EG2 (mm) LG (mm)
HG (mm) D (mm) D1 (mm) D2 (mm) D3 (mm)

04 - Dados do Equipamento

Capacidade (kg) CGC (mm) EA (mm) CGA PA (kg)
Momento da Empilhadeira
(kg mm)
Momento dos Garfos
(kg mm)
Momento do Equipamento
(kg mm)
CGC (mm)
CEq (kg)
CRE (kg)



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The result of this calculation shows only one reference value. Specific factors of each forklift that influence the residual capacity are not considered. In this way, the exact values of residual capacity must be reported by your forklift supplier.