SAUR surprised to recall civic moment

An event alluding to Semana da Pátria (Homeland Festivities) was prepared for the employees at SAUR last Wednesday, September 6th. In front of the company, a flag of Brazil, more than 6 meters long, surprised everyone who was invited to participate in the civic moment, when the history on the Independence of Brazil was remembered.

In their pronouncements, the directors of SAUR, Ingrid Saur, Ildo Kunz and Enio Heinen highlighted the importance of rescuing love and respect for the homeland in this year when the Independence of Brazil celebrates its 195th anniversary.
They also emphasized the importance of showing the youngsters and children that the country has a great potential to continue growing and developing in all areas.
After the pronouncements, one of the highlights of the program was the moment where everyone sang the Brazilian National Anthem.
At the end of the event, the employees partook a special breakfast.


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