BULK BAG: economy, versatility and agility in material storage and handling

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The bulk bag, or flexible container, is widely used in cargo storage and handling in different markets, such as the food industry, fertilizers, mining, agribusiness, construction industry and petrochemical sector, and other important markets.
The biggest exporting sectors from Brazil, such as soybeans and coffee, use the flexible container in their production processes, since it is agile for transportation, storage and handling of the material.
This flexible package has a wide preference in these businesses since it is economic, has a great volumetric capacity, is versatile and easy to handle.

How to handle the bulk bag with more agility?

Besides the versatility, economy, and volumetric capacity, the use of the bulk bag may be more agile and optimized when in combination with mechanized handling.

Mechanizing the handling of bulk bags is a synonym of ergonomics for the operator, safety and agility.

Get to know some examples of solutions that makes the transport of bulk bags more efficient:

The Bulk Bag Clamp was especially designed to handle the bulk bags in two ways. The first way is made through the precise side press of the cargo, enabling the agile loading. The second way is made through the hanging through the loops, granting total safety to lift the cargo.

Bulk Bag Clamp SAUR

When it is about cargo hanging, a good example of device that enables this handling is the Crane Jib. From the simplest attachment model to the most complete model with hoisting cable or hydraulic articulation and telescopic system, the Crane Jibs are designed to hang the load through hooks, frame with eyebolts or hydraulic rocker arm, permitting the transport and storage of the bulk bags. It is important to remember that the rocker arm enables the safe unloading or release of the bulk bag, and the operator does not go onto stacks or trucks to release the loops.

Crane Jib with Hoisting Cable SAUR

Articulated Crane Jib SAUR Push Pull can also be applied for handling of bulk bags, enabling the loading of containers with bulk bags.

Push Pull SAUR for Bulk Bag

In addition to the devices attached to forklifts or loaders, there are bulk bag handling solutions for gantries, cranes or overhead cranes.

The Frame for bulk bag is widely used in port structures, enabling the safe and ergonomic loading and unloading of ships. In conjunction with the frame, there are pneumatic hooks that facilitate the operation since they permit the opening of the hooks with a remote control, that is, remotely.

Frame with Pneumatic Hook SAUR

With the application of these devices, we increased safety, ergonomics and mainly speed when handling the bulk bags.