25.02.2019 | Agrícola/Equipamentos

Increase in production requires efficient grain receiving.


According to the market studies announced by Conab – National Supply Company, this month, the estimated growth in national production of grains in 2018/19 crop is 4,2%, compared with the previous crop.

This rate
reflects in the efficiency of the grain receiving facilities, since there is an
increase in production, the flow of trucks in the storage units will be

construction planning of a grain receiving station also needs to be suitable
for the logistics of the trucks. Consequently, consulting market specialists
that get to indicate the best devices is essential, so they contribute to the
mechanization of the processes.

The Truck Dumpers SAUR speed up the grain receiving, minimizing the traffic of trucks that are in the line waiting to unload the product. These devices are custom-designed and manufactured to meet all demands and specific features of each civil work. Their varied models may be installed in places with one or more hoppers.

Besides agility, the Truck Dumpers SAUR feature a box girder structure, which prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt at the bottom of the equipment and generates more structural resistance and stiffness.

Do you want
to know how the Truck Dumper operates? Watch this video.

Check the manufacturing process of our Bulk Material Truck Dumpers here.

Boletim Grãos Janeiro 2019.pdf –  https://www.conab.gov.br/info-agro/safras)