24.06.2021 | Agriculture/Equipment


In 1992 SAUR sold its first USOMIX. A device far ahead of its time, which gets its second version installed in March 2021, after 29 years. USOMIX is a complete system for the transfer of grains between crop vehicles and trucks, consisting of a set of devices consisting of a dumper, a scale, a collector and a metal hopper, which allows the elimination of enclosed spaces, reduction of civil work costs and the optimization of the grain receiving process. USOMIX SAUR enables, in a single location, without a complex civil work structure, the possibility to receive, weigh, classify through sampling collection and transfer the grains to another truck. Designed to facilitate grain transportation logistics, USOMIX SAUR makes it possible for farmers to gather their bulk production into a single, larger-capacity truck, and then transfer it to a grain receiving center. Its cost/benefit deserves to be highlighted, as its initial investment is relatively low when dismissing a complex civil work. Another advantage of USOMIX SAUR is its easy removal and reassembly at different locations. As it is not installed in a complex and fixed civil work, the set of devices can be reassembled in different regions according to the seasonality of the harvests.

Watch the video for more details about the operation.