Description and Application

The Pusher with Pantograph Front Stacker and Load Support Plate SAUR was designed to facilitate the loading and dispense pallets at the shipment in the segments of food, cement, fertilizers, chemicals and sugarcane. The equipment features hydraulic forward and backward movement of the forks through pantograph, what enables the loading and unloading of trucks by using only one of the sides of the body, providing less maneuver space and agility in operation. Operation: While the forklift moves the pantograph back (the forks are removed from under the load), the front slab keeps the load, depositing it on the desired place.
Synchronized movements of the forklift + equipment are not necessary.


Model: EFPS 30E.


  • Nominal capacity: 2.000 kg.
  •  Pantograph course: 1.320 mm.

Load Support plate, front and fixed:

  •  Plate width: 1.000 mm.
  • Plate height: 1.130 mm.
  • Depth: 1.950 mm.

It features 05 forks.

  •  Useful length: 1.200 mm.
  • Width: 80 mm.
  • Thickness: 45 mm.
  • Clearance between forks: 104 mm.
  • Thickness of equipment: 1.950 mm.
  • Coupling: ISO 4A.
  • Weight: 1.420 kg.
  •  To be installed on a forklift with minimum capacity of 5.500 kg @ 600 mm.


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