Description and Application

The Rotating Clamp with Polyurethane-Coated Arms SAUR is a customized device, developed to handle boxes. The coating aims to prevent the box from damaging or slipping. This solution reduces the risk at loading/unloading, provides more safety in transport and handling of boxes, in addition to lifting and transporting the loads quickly. The project is indicated for handling of loads in segments of cars and car parts, packaging, tobacco, inputs, logistic operators, plastic and recycling and residues.
This Special Clamp features wide visibility through the body, polymer sliding inserts throughout the guides, preventing structural wear and providing their easy replacement. It also features a synchronizing valve for the arms and clamping pressure adjustment.


  •  Nominal capacity: 1.000 kg @ 500 mm.
  • Rotation: 360° continuous (to both sides).
  • Minimum clearance between arms: 480 mm.
  •  Maximum clearance between arms: 1.440 mm.
  •  Length of arms: 1.000 mm.
  •  Height of arms: 210 mm.
  •  Body width: 1.040 mm.
  •  Arms internally coated with polyurethane.
  •  Polyurethane screwed to the arm, to facilitate the replacement, when necessary.
  •  Thickness of equipment: 283 mm.
  •  CGH: 314 mm.
  •  CGV: 238 mm.
  •  Coupling: Installation on the rear coupling ISO2A.
  •  Weight: 650 kg.
  •  To be installed at a forklift with capacity of 2.500 kg.

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