Description and Application

SAUR's Trucklift - Vertical, designed for inspection and maintenance of passenger and cargo vehicles, is comprised of a set of four columns, which can be activated individually or jointly through its control panel. Relying on this modern concept, the vehicles' overhaul process becomes much more responsive, reducing the garage's transit time. A mechanical locking system is automatically triggered whenever the equipment is static as a means of ensuring safety. A micro processed electronic device controls the columns leveling, triggering an emergency lock if the level difference reaches 50 mm. 


  • Load capacity: 7,200 Kgf per column
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 1,800 mm
  • Equipment's Height: 2,950 mm
  • Lifting Time with
  • Maximum Load: 80 s
  • Polyurethane coated wheels to facilitate movement 


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