07.12.2020 | Industrial/Equipment

Solutions for the mechanization of cargo handling in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

The logistics and the cargo handling have an important, if not essential, role in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, as they directly affect the integrity of the medicines until they reach the end customer.

The existing regulation, established by ANVISA – National Health Surveillance Agency, for the pharmaceutical industry is extremely demanding and special, due to its importance in public health.

The automation of industrialization processes in this segment continues to rise, directly reflecting on productivity, quality, safety and compliance with regulatory standards. Next, understand how some processes in the logistics cycle of the pharmaceutical industry can be mechanized.

To prevent contamination of the internal process in the pharmaceutical industry with pallet wood, the Stationary Inverter with Plates and with Closing and Perimeter Monitoring was developed to transfer the load from a conventional wooden pallet to another metal or plastic pallet.

And the Stationary Inverter with Forks transfers the load from one pallet to another. With this function, it is possible to turn the load on a simpler one-way pallet when shipping. And, in the manufacturing process, the cargo can be transferred to a metal or plastic pallet, preventing contamination with wood.

The Stationary Inverter with Plates can also be used for barrels with paint, varnish and chemicals, in order to rotate them, preventing the formation of surface crust.

When shipping materials, it is possible to replace conventional wooden pallets with pallets made of cardboard or plastic sheets, through the Stationary Push Pull. This equipment was specially designed to facilitate the change of the load from a conventional pallet to a sleepsheet, in an ergonomic and fast way, enabling volume of cargo transported to increase.

Even when shipping or receiving cargo, the Dock Leveler adds to compensate for any unevenness between the vehicle and the floor, enabling the loading and unloading of products. Pallet Trucks are widely used for handling palletized loads.

The indication of the equipment above reinforces the idea that the logistics process becomes more efficient and safer with the use of automation, machines and processes suitable for each application.