20.06.2022 | Industrial/Equipment

KAUPSAUR joint venture officially launched

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KAUP GmbH & Co. KG (KAUP) and its long-standing Brazilian partner SAUR Equipamentos S.A. (SAUR) have founded a joint company: KAUPSAUR SpA (KAUPSAUR). The aim of the joint venture, which was officially launched today in Santiago de Chile, is to distribute attachments for forklift trucks in the target market of Chile.

“We see great growth potential for our products in Chile,” says KAUP’s Head of Sales Ralf Schüßler on the establishment of the joint venture, “and we want to exploit this together with our partner SAUR.” To this end, KAUPSAUR draws on the broad product portfolio of the two founding companies. It also uses the direct market and industry knowledge of its team members.

“SAUR and KAUP as two strong partners can achieve even more with a joint product portfolio and are prepared for future challenges,” says Ingrid Saur, Presidente na SAUR, assessing the market opportunities of the new company.

“At last, things are officially getting underway,” says a delighted Oscar Schmitt, who has been instrumental in founding KAUPSAUR over the past few months. The attachment specialist with several years of experience in the industry is now responsible for sales at KAUPSAUR.


With own warehouse and on-site service

In order to be able to react quickly to customer requirements, KAUPSAUR has its own on-site warehouse with various new implements from the entire product range. In addition to the sale of new units, the focus of the newly founded company is on the optimal servicing of existing units. This is already ensured by an experienced in-house service technician. Not to be forgotten: Like KAUPSAUR’s customers, sales and service can rely on a dedicated administration.