Special Clamp SAUR is applied in the handling of processed tobacco

Cigarette manufacturing process is not as simple as it seems, because it demands high quality control. Tobacco is the most important component of the cigarette, and it is cultivated in beds outdoors.

From the
harvest to the final processing of the product, there are several stages until
it gets to the market, which are: – after harvesting the leaves, they are
matured and moisturized. The tobacco leaves are taken off the stems and
classified to be transported to the factories. There, the tobacco is aged over
a period of three years so that its features are remarkable – taste and aroma. After
these processes, the leaves are mechanically shredded and, afterward, they
receive essences for more taste to the cigarette. In this manipulation, the
operation is more agile by using the Rotating Clamps SAUR.

Rotating Clamp with Polyurethane-Coated Arms SAUR is a customized piece of
equipment, developed to handle the processed tobacco. The device, with capacity
of 1.000 kg, continuous 360° rotation, maximum arms opening of 1.440 mm and
special polyurethane coating, was tested at SAUR on January 31st, with a
satisfactory result, according to the client.

To watch the device test, click here.