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Description and Application

The SAUR Rear Truck Dumper 10 meters was designed to unload single-axle trucks and trucks of up to 35 tons. The unloading process is simple and practical and contributes significantly to reducing lines at cargo reception centers. It can be provided in a Mobile version, which can service more than one hopper thanks to lateral movement along rails.



  • Load capacity: 35 Ton.;
  • Length: 10,000 mm;
  • Width: 3,000 mm;
  • Tipping Angle: 40°;
  • For unloading single-axle trucks and box trucks of up to 35 tons;
  • Integrated Electronic Scale can be adapted; Internal cylinders for sites that plan the installation of Truck Dumpers or external cylinders for existing and mobile version sites, when the truck dumper is placed over the hopper, supported by a metal frame.


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