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Description and Application

The Truck Dumper 30 meters for Bulk Goods unloads single-axle trucks, box trucks, semi-trailers, twin-trailer trucks (coupled), B-train trucks and road-train trucks (up to 30 meters long), in accordance with resolutions No 210/06 and 211/06 by Contran. With robust structure and a system with high reliability and mechanical availability, it is indicated for intense operations in long flows such as ports and cargo reception centers.


• Legislation Capacity: 74 tons.
• Technical Capacity: 100 tons (vehicle + load) for Grains and 90 tons for other products.
• Dimensions: 3.000 mm wide x 30.000 mm long.
• Tipping angle: 40 degrees. • Operation Cycles: Up ~ 150 seg. / Down ~ 120 seg.

• A set of wheel locks and three restrainer chassis (patent granted) that enable higher safety during operation.
• Activation through push button pendants, in 5 (five) stands
• A safety device that indicates the full hopper level that interrupts the descent and one that enables the dumper lifting only after one of the main lockings (restrainer chassis or rear restrainers) is activated. It also has a signaling plate with visual audio (siren and light).

• Equipped with 03 (three) internal cylinders for lifting. - Heat exchanger (air-oil). - Three-phase electric motor: 2 x 75 CV.
• Fast down kit.
• Top floor coated with 8mm nonslip sheet.
• Central guide rails for alignment of trucks onto the track.
• Side handrails and protection.
• Top grates and lower rails at the Dumper for directing the product from the front trailer to the Hopper
• ¾" steel cable with 1.500 mm for additional safety when unloading four-wheel drive trucks


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