Description and Application

The SAUR Dock Leveler - Vertical Storing act as mechanisms linking the warehouse to the vehicles, compensating for the difference in height between the trucks and the floor of the building with complete safety for people and less damage to goods. Allow for the access of industrial vehicles (forklifts, pallet trucks, carts) directly from the warehouse to the truck, eliminating unlevel sections and filling the gap between the truck and building, contributing to operator safety. SAUR Dock Levelers - Vertical Storing foster flexibility in facilities, as the rapid loading and unloading flow reduces vehicle waiting time. It has a rest position that is practically vertical, leaving the yard clear for maneuvers. In the Telescopic version, the flange is extendible to increase the length. 


  • Capacity of 6,000 kg
  • Widths: From 2,000 mm to 2,200 mm (consult for other sizes)
  • Length: From 1,500 to 3,150 mm
  • Upper floor in non-slip sheet
  • Automated adjustment of truck height oscillations caused by loading (more weight) or offloading (less weight in the truck)


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