Description and Application

The SAUR Lifting Platform Mobile is an intelligent solution for areas with reduced space and with no elevated dock. This equipment carries out the same task as cargo elevator and, set on wheels, offers mobility for positioning in the most convenient place. Operation: 1 - To Load: Position the platform, activate the wheel brakes and lower the access ramp. Connect the electric cable to the socket, position the load on the Platform, entering via the access ramp. Once the load is position, activate the control key to begin lifting up to the desired height. Lower the descent ramp, using the manual lever, until supported by the truck bed or upper floor. After lowering the ramp, finalize the loading operation by placing the load inside the truck. 2 - To Unload: The operation is inverse, it being necessary to retract the ramp that is in an upper position. 


  • Capacity: 2,000 to 3,000 Kg
  • Elevation: Up to 1,600 mm from the ground
  • Length: 2,400 mm Width: 1,800 mm Length of ramps: 500 mm 10 meter long electric cable
  • Electric-hydraulic unit: 3 HP - Electric voltage 380 V triple phase
  • Elevation speed: 3.2 m/min
  • Descent speed with maximum load: 9 m/min
  • Descent speed without load: 3 m/min
  • Rubber buffers on the side that touches the truck
  • Two fixed wheels and two rotating wheels
  • Brakes for immobilizing the Platform
  • Structure in carbon steel
  • Ramps and upper floor in non-slip checkered steel plate 


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