21.12.2021 | Institucional

Cine Drive at SAUR!

To celebrate Children’s Day, on the night of October 12th, SAUR prepared a Cine Drive for the employees’ children, as part of the company’s 95th anniversary celebrations.
The event was held in the courtyard of the factory unit, in Panambi-RS, where everyone could watch the film Soul, a story that brings reflections on learning to live with joy and see the beauty of life in the simple things of everyday life, the need to strengthen family bonds and friendships, as well as the importance of being determined to achieve our dreams.

There was also the delivery of a kit with various treats to be savored during the film. To greet and honor the children, the flashing lights of all vehicles were turned on for 20 seconds. It was a special night for the children and their parents, who could have fun together. For SAUR, it was a joy to provide this moment of relaxation and enchantment for our children.