21.12.2021 | Institucional

SAUR and ASATUR carry out the II Risotto for the benefit of Hospital de Panambi

The II Risoto Beneficente for the benefit of Hospital de Panambi, promoted by SAUR and ASATUR was held last Saturday, November 20th at the Lions Club headquarters in Panambi.

The action had the support of the local community that purchased the tickets and the following companies and institutions that were partners of the initiative, for which SAUR and ASATUR are thankful for: Credi Vera, Com Sabor Fit, Dickow Alimentos, Stefan Dickow, Hotel Solar do Parque, Emgrapan Printing Office, Milk Industry Heja, Weidle Supermarket, Havana Flower Shop, Casa Festas e Embalagens, Doces Clari, Frango Campesiano e Lions Club Panambi.

Also, the companies thank the volunteers of SAUR and ASATUR who helped in the sale, organization, preparation, and delivery of the risotto.

All the amount raised will be donated to Sociedade Hospital Panambi, for investments in improvements in patient care.

The president of SAUR, Ingrid Saur, points out that the important thing in this action is to realize there are lots of generous people: “In addition to helping our hospital, what makes me excited is to see how much we have supportive people in our community. And, also, she was happy to know that some companies bought tickets and donated to entities of our municipality.”

Nestor Costa Beber, director of ASATUR, highlighted the importance of the support of the society and several companies: “We made this risotto more because our community bought the tickets and because some companies helped us in the sale of the tickets and in the purchase of some inputs.”

Vilmar Scheer, director of Hospital de Panambi, thanks the initiative of the two companies: “The gestures of solidarity and love for others, transformed into actions generate results of inestimable value for the good of all and motivate for the continuity of the journey, especially in such different times.” Our gratitude and recognition to SAUR and ASATUR and to the whole team of organizers of the risotto for the benefit of Hospital de Panambi.

After the delivery time of the tickets, the portions that were not taken were all delivered to the nursing homes Novo Lar Vô Dari, Assistência ao Idoso and to some needy families of Panambi.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford