Description and Application

The Dock Vehicle Restraint System SAUR was developed to restrain the truck in the dock during loading and unloading of goods, preventing accidents. This system is made up of a Mobile Type Restrainer SAUR, which adapts to most trucks and 02 wheel guides to align the vehicle to be restrained.


  • The setting of the system to the floor is through anchor bolts/ metal/chemical inserts.
  • Maximum time to get the vehicle restrained: approximately 30 s.
  • Electrohydraulic drive with power of 3 hp (2,2 kw) three-phase.
  • Drive through electric switches with electrical box for power and control, meeting the requirements of standard NR10 (circuit breaker, system lock/unlock, emergency, reset buttons, light indicators for locked system and unlocked system, sound warning of restrain in movement).
  • Optionally, an automatic audiovisual indicator kit may be included.

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