24.06.2021 | Institucional

SAUR participates in a Portocel project that increases productivity in pulp handling through the Automatic Spreader

SAUR participated in the development and production of the first high-capacity Automatic Spreader for handling pulp. The equipment was developed by Portocel Terminal with the support of SAUR partners, Pöyry and Forte Mar, with the objective of establishing a new level of efficiency in pulp handling.

In recent years, the terminal team sought a solution that would contribute to improving the efficiency of pulp loading onto ships, and this concern brought up the development of a project done with four hands, which resulted in the Automatic Spreader.

Check out in full the operation of the equipment and the perspective of Portocel regarding the project:


Portocel innovates with equipment that increases safety and productivity in pulp handling


The automatic spreader was developed by the Terminal with the support of partners Pöyry, Forte Mar and Saur

Portocel, located in Aracruz (ES), is going to put into operation equipment that sets a new level of efficiency in pulp handling: the automatic spreader, which takes the pulp to the ships’ holds. Constructed based on the pillars of safety, productivity and innovation, the equipment was born from the restlessness of the port terminal teams themselves, who have worked on the topic in recent years in search of a solution that would contribute to streamlining pulp loading onto ships.

Once the solution was conceived, the port had partnerships with Pöyry, Forte Mar and Saur for the conceptual development of the project and its execution, each with their own expertise. “The automatic spreader is the result of an intense study, planning and development of innovative and sustainable engineering solutions, a process that relied on the tireless work of our teams and important partnerships, taking our port to a new level in pulp handling”, highlights Alexandre Billot Mori, executive manager of Port Operations at Portocel.

The new equipment automatically hooks the pulp bales that are hoisted into the ships’ hold. With it, Portocel, which is already a world reference in efficiency in handling this cargo, expands space to expand services and explore new business opportunities, consolidating itself as a differentiated logistics option. The automatic spreader is in the testing phase and it is expected that the scale operation will start in the coming months. The equipment is already attracting the interest of other ports that handle pulp around the world.

Forte Mar, a company headquartered in Aracruz that was part of this project, highlights the importance of this achievement: “Being together with Portocel in a project that will take a giant leap forward in the loading process is a landmark in the history of any company. I feel honored to be part of this history and that it is the starting point for leveraging new technologies and processes in this area”, highlights Agostini Ribeiro, mechanical engineer of the company.

SAUR, a leader in solutions for cargo handling, points out that the new equipment is an important step towards improving the performance of the port operation connected to a culture of innovation. “Due to its operational excellence, Portocel is the perfect case for the modernization of this loading process, accrediting the equipment so that this innovation can advance with confidence and credibility to other ports as well,” said Clayton Dill, engineer at SAUR.

One of the world’s leading providers of engineering services for port terminals, Pöyry, adds that the automatic spreader incorporates the best safety concepts and operational synergies in order to meet all the needs for loading pulp ships. “This type of acting by Pöyry engineering reinforces our permanent commitment to be with each of our customers, working so that their needs are met, reinforcing our vision of building the future and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable society”, observes Carlos Afonso Saias, Infrastructure, Logistics and Special Project manager of the company.

About Portocel – With the capacity to ship 7.5 million tons/year, Portocel is recognized for its operational efficiency, featuring a complete logistics infrastructure, facilities and equipment integrated to different modes of transport: import and export, long distance and cabotage, general cargo, projects, bulk and oil and gas operations. With a privileged location in the municipality of Aracruz (ES), the terminal is connected by road and rail to the main production and consumption centers in the country. The port is controlled by two major players in the pulp and paper sector: Suzano and Cenibra, and continues to pursue opportunities that confirm its trajectory as a major business port.

News published on 04/29/2021, in http://www.portocel.com.br/destaque/portocel-inova-com-equipamento-que-amplia-seguranca-e-produtividade-na-movimentacao-de-celulose/